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Etch-X™ Polishing Cream
Etch-X™ Polishing Cream is a ready-to-use cream for the removal of dull spots and etches caused by hard water, glass rings, juice spills, and light surface scratches. Marble surfaces can be restored to its natural polish by using Etch-X™ Polishing Cream. For tougher abrasions, we recommend using the Honing Powder.

Etch-X Polishing Cream (8oz)
Price: $9.67

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Stain-X™ Poultice Powder
Stain-X™ Poultice Powder is a stain remover. This absorbent powder works by extracting the stains which have entered the stone interiors and could not be removed by surface cleaners. Blemishes left behind by inks, foods, juices, or rust can be removed, simply add water to the powder, apply the paste onto the stained area, and allow the poultice to do its job. It's that easy!

Stain-X Poultice Powder (1 Pint)
Price: $18.77

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