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Granite, Marble Stone Care and Cleaning Products

Natural stones are just that – natural. Formed by thousands of years of intense heat and pressure, they are not man-made and therefore are left imperfect and porous by nature. Because of this characteristic, they act much like a sponge around liquids, oils, and dirt. In order to protect the stone from absorbing contaminants, it should be sealed with the Strongman-W™ Stone Sealer. In doing so, the stone will soak up the sealant safely. As the Sealer adheres to the stone, it sets a protective coating within the interior of the stone as well as its surface. As a result Strongman Sealer™ prevents everyday spills from penetrating into the pores of the stone.

Regularly use Stone-X™ Countertop Cleaner to spray clean these surfaces safely and effectively. It is pH balanced therefore it does not contribute to the break-down of the sealant that was applied.

Natural stone surfaces are vaulable investments, show it off! Polish-X™ Countertop Polish enhances the beauty of your stone as it works to protect it. While this protective polish makes your countertops look glossier, it also helps to prevent etching and burning from everyday spills.


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