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Stone-X ™ Countertop Cleaner
This gentle, premixed formula is user friendly for all stone consumers. Just spray it on and wipe it off! Its colorless formula keeps your surfaces streak-free. Stone-X™ contains a unique ingredient that will penetrate and dissolve oil and grease residues from stone in kitchen areas. Stone-X™ is safe to use on food handling surfaces. It is perfect for daily cleaning of tabletops, vanities, countertops, columns, and walls. Since Stone-X™ is pH balanced (does not register any alkalis, acids, or abrasives), it cleans effectively without adverse effects to the stone.

As Strongman Sealer™ Stone Sealer protects the stone's interiors, you will need to regularly clean the exterior with Stone-X™ Countertop Cleaner. Because Stone-X™ is pH7 balanced, it cleans effectively without contributing to the break down of the Sealer.

Stone X products have a fresh Green Apple scent

Stone-X Countertop Cleaner (8oz)
Price: $5.84

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Stone-X Countertop Cleaner (1 Quart)
Price: $10.39

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Stone-X Countertop Cleaner (1 Gallon)
Price: $23.65

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Grout-X™ Tile & Grout Haze Cleaner
Grout-X™ Tile & Grout Haze Cleaner is the non-acidic solution for cleaning and restoration of grout, porcelain & ceramic tile surfaces.  This formula is designed to prevent harm to porcelain and ceramic tiles or grout.  As Grout-X™ is applied on ceramic and porcelain surfaces, it dissolves and lifts soap scum, calcium build-up, and hard water spots.  This cleaner also penetrates into grout to remove mold, mildew, lime deposits, algae and haze.

Grout-X Tile & Grout Haze Cleaner (1 Quart)
Price: $11.29

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Grout-XX™ Intensive Cleaner
Grout-XX™ Intensive Cleaner is excellent for heavy duty cleaning and restoration of natural stone and grout. It penetrates heavy surface soils, soap scum, grease, oil, soot, ink, carbon (pollution), algae and mildew stains. While Felixchem's Stain-X™ serves to extract stains from stone interiors, Grout-XX™ works well for stone surface stain removal.

Grout-XX Intensive Cleaner (1 Quart)
Price: $12.00

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