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For your maintenance and restoration of stone care needs in commercial applications, Felixchem has made the following products (listed below) available. Natural stone floorings, columns, walls, and any stone interior found in commercial settings, can be cleaned and maintained efficiently and effectively. Please contact us to order your stone care supplies.

Most products available in commercial size and concentrates


Stone-X™ Countertop Cleaner
    4/1 Gallon Case Stone-F™ Floor Cleaner 
    30 Gal Concentrate produces 300 Gallons
    4/1 Gallon Case produces 40 Gallons
Grout-SS™ Acidic Tile and Grout Haze Cleaner
     1 Quart ready to use
     4/1 Gallon Case produces 17 Gallons
     30 Gal Concentrate produces 132 Gallons
Grout-X™ Tile and Grout Haze Cleaner
        1 Quart ready to use
      30 Gallon Concentrate produces 132 Gallons
     4/1 Gallon Case produces 70 Gallons
Grout-XX™ Intensive Cleaner
    1 Quart Ready to use
      30 Gal Concentrate produces 110 Gallons




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